What Happens if You Sleep too Much?




With the volume of working hours and lack of time for themselves, people began to forget the importance of good sleep, often replacing those 6-8 hours with something else that is related careers. Many still want to spend time in bed often, making it easier weekly stress as it would stay in bed. We all know that sleep is important, but can you ever be too much?

How much sleep is too much sleep?

Many variations of recommended hours of sleep on many websites could make you wonder who to trust. From recent studies made a new list of recommendations for the length of sleep for all ages. No matter what age group you belong to, if you sleep longer hours than the upper limit in the column “not recommended” in the table below, then sleep too.

What happens if you sleep too much?

Excessive sleep can cause many health problems.

Diabetes: perhaps it is absurd to think of a direct link between sleep and diabetes, but according to the study of nearly 9,000 people from the US has concluded that people who slept more than 9 hours per day have a 50% risk of becoming victims of diabetes compared those who sleep for 7 hours. The relationship remains unchanged for those who sleep less (6 hours). Psychological connection can not be found, but it indicates that some major health problems can increase the risk of diabetes.

Obesity: this goes without thinking that being in the same position for several hours leads to weight gain. One study found that people who sleep more than 9 to 10 hours a day have a 21% higher risk of weight increase over 6 years than those who have normal sleep.

Headaches: If you sleep more than usual can get headaches. Many researchers have found that excessive sleep has adverse effect of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that includes serotonin which, as a result, may lead to acute headache.

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