Do not Squeeze Pimples From the Dangerous Triangle




You out pimples in the nose or on the lips? Instead of squeezing and complicate the situation, choose a different approach.

Doctors warn that pressing of Pimples that are located in the so-called “dangerous triangle” can cause serious complications to your health.

The area from the middle of the forehead, nose to the corners of the mouth contains blood vessels that go to the nape and a direct line to your brain. Simpler explained, any infection that occurs in this part of the face can easily come directly to the nerve centers. Although it happens rarely in practice, cases of vision loss, paralysis and even death.

Therefore replace the pressing natural treatment.


Toothpaste РApply toothpaste on pimples and leave it on your face overnight. In this way pimples will dry out and thus will remain a scar.


Green tea Рtake a green tea bag and immerse it in water. Then place it on pimples and leave to act 20 minutes. Finally wash only with lukewarm water.


Caustic soda – in a small amount of baking soda add water to get a paste. Apply the pimples and leave on for half an hour.

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