Honey: Divine Food for Long Life




Found even in the pyramids in Egypt, which symbolized immortality, initiation and rebirth. Justified. Because honey deserves it

No matter how many times you have heard that honey is beneficial to health, it is worth again. He contains  several types of sugar, but the prevailing fruit and grape.

These are simple sugars, which are not charged to the body. This delicious and natural product contains very protective substances that act therapeutically: proteins, amino acids,enzymes, organic acids, minerals, vitamins … lime  copper, for example, encourages perspiring, honey from buckwheat strengthens blood vessel walls, and acacia has anti-inflammatory effect.

However the most important effects to enhance immunity and anticancer activity. Honey supplements you can use in many different ways: to spread it on bread, to sweeten potions in cakes …

TIP: consume darker types of honey, because they contain more antioxidants than lighter species.

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