As Fast to a Flat Stomach?




Expect passionate evening in lingerie or want to look hot closely in the new dress? Whatever you have planned, these foods will help you stay caught up and self-confident.

Cucumber water

It sounds contradictory, but dehydration can trigger bloating in your belly because air increases in the colon and so prevents digestive tract. Drink plenty of water with cucumber, which is a natural diuretic.


Cut the salt, an important factor for bloating and dishes add their taste by using chopped garlic. It will help your liver to filter toxins in the body can adequately process the fat.

Unsalted cheese

Rub some unsalted cheese on toasted whole wheat and get a great lunch that will not swell. Easy to digest, and the dose of fiber integral flour will contribute to the normalization of digestion.

Oily fish

Fish such as salmon, tuna or plywood, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids – good fats accelerate digestion so that food leaves the stomach quickly.


The faster you eat, you have to write more oxygen in the body and it makes you swell. Fortunately, this fruit is not so easy to eat, so you have a little fun.

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