Why do Women With PMS Eat More Chocolate?




It is generally known that women get PMS desire for greater consumption of foods like chips, pasta and fast food. Before menstruation often they  eat lots of chocolate.

Whether naturally prone to eating sweets or not, those 10-days prior to menstruation is especially critical for them. They experience bloating, irritation, mild depression, sudden mood swings, anxiety …

But why the need for chocolate in those days?

High levels of hormone in the early part of the menstrual cycle to cause increased levels of insulin in the body, and insulin regulates blood glucose levels.

High levels of insulin in the blood result in low blood sugar and need to compensate sugar is why much of freshwater reaching for chocolate delights.

In most cases chocolate is the first option to satisfy those urges and way for women to balance hormones during PMS.

But as mentioned chocolate is not the only choice for consumption during PMS. Often women will eat whole bag of chips or other foods that contain carbohydrates. And they like chocolate are unhealthy, but what is the difference?

With those unhealthy products, women try to increase the hormone serotonin . This hormone is neurotransmitter and it  is believed to be responsible for “happiness” and that contributes to a sense of satisfaction in our head.

In a period when the anxiety, depression, pain and bloating shows, women will find any way to restore happiness in their heads even with large quantities of chips.

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