Seven Things you Should not do After a Meal




People are hardly giving up things that the eventually become routine on, so the most addicted smokers light up a cigarette after their last bite . That is one thing from the other seven you should not do after a meal. In continuation, You will see what you have to avoid immediately after a meal. There we’re some studies which have shown us that we have to avoid some things after a meal, which not as many people know about them yet. Look what you should not do after a meal to avoid Your health problem.


  1. Don’t smoke


Every smoker should avoid smoking after a meal, because the experts have proved that the cigarette is lit at this point equal 10 cigarettes smoked in the second period. Which means it increases the chances of getting lung cancer.


  1. Don’t eat fruit


If you eat fruit after consuming another type of food, the stomach will be filled with air and you will feel like a balloon. If you want to eat fruit then eat one hour before having a meal, or one or two hours after having a meal.


  1. Don’t drink tea


If You drink immediately tea after a meal, will slow down the food in your stomach, because the tea makes your proteins stronger which you entered from the food You’ve just eaten.


  1. Don’t put a belt on you


We usually have a position after having a very good meal, we have to stand up and unbuckle the belt and loosen it. But, release is actually bad, not because of the risk arresting or twisting of the intestine, it’s because you have eaten too much so it’s uncomfortable for You to continue. Taking of the belt will make you enough comfortable again to continue eating.


  1. Don’t take a shower


You should not take a shower immediately after a meal, because it will make your blood flow stronger in Your arms and legs, but You will lose blood in Your stomach. In other words, your stomach becomes weaker and it will deceive the food much slower.


  1. Don’t sleep


If You eat and immediately after a meal go to sleep, You will have the risk of infection in the intestines,which can cause stomach problems.


  1. Don’t walk


A walk after immediately eating is also not desirable, because in this way you disturb the digestive system in absorbing the nutrients from the consumed food. You can walk up to 10 minutes, but after 20-30 minutes away from eating.

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