Two-week Diet Without Wheat Products


Young Woman Measuring Her Waist


Diet that will catch the stomach and iron out wrinkles – Dispose of wheat a derivative of the diet of two weeks!

If you ask most women will tell you they want to have a flat and taut stomach or younger-looking face.

But what if only one change in diet can accomplish both things? According to experts, all you need is to discard the wheat from your diet!

The wheat in our body turns into sugar and fat that stick to your gut, that creates flab stick to our waist, and also destroys our body inside and out.

Because of this, we suggest to eliminate this commodity from your diet for two weeks to lose weight, get a flat and taut stomach and less wrinkles.

We recommend you follow these guidelines.


Permitted any type vegetables (except potatoes and corn), nuts and legumes, healthy oils (olive oil, seeds, avocado, etc.), Meat and eggs (Favor less fatty meat and organic products), cheese, sauces and donations of foods such as horseradish, hot pepper, soy sauce and so on.


Take 100 g or 100 ml of these foods otherwise you risk an increase in blood sugar, dairy products (except cheese), fruits, fresh juices, fruits, rice, oats, millet, buckwheat (consume up to 50 grams of these products per serving) and soy products.

Avoid these foods:

Wheat products of all kinds, unhealthy oils, gluten meal, sugar and sugar products, snacks, sweets, fruit juices, sweeteners, ice creams, sauces, ketchup, ajvar, jams, energy drinks and so on.

But do not panic, because you certainly will not stay hungry during this dvenedelna diet. Wheat bread replace it with millet, rice and lentils, and salads you can always eat tuna, cooked chicken or turkey meat.

The sweet should quit during these two weeks, but if you Priyadi something sweet, consider fruit can alleviate this desire.

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