Food Rejuvenates




What should you have every day at the plate and to allow nature to do wrong in your body and to restore youth and beauty.

Nutrition is the key to our appearance and how to invest money and hope in various creams without proper nutrition there is nothing to help us.

So here are some tips that you should have every day at the plate to keep the youthful appearance and to remove wrinkles from the face.

Blueberry with its wealth of antioxidants is the ideal accessory for any breakfast to prevent premature aging, besides, are a wonderful solution for the prevention of cancer.

Vegetables in all varieties, preferably homemade, will fill your body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, especially vegetables like beets, kale, lettuce and spinach having lutein and zeaxanthin in particular good impact on the brain.

When we talk about very strong antioxidants, we must not forget the quercetin, an ingredient of broccoli that is anti tool successfully fight against aging.

Besides fruits and vegetables, nothing less quality food are neither organic eggs rich in protein and vitamin D, and are most useful when consumed raw.

For beautiful skin and erasing wrinkles worth to drink a glass of juice from aloe vera that scientifically proven healing and helps restore the skin, reducing the depth of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity, are aimed at encouraging the production of collagen.

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