Eye Bags are a Sign That the Body has a Problem




Eye bags are often the first signal that indicates that in the body there is a problem or imbalance. Some of the diseases of the eye bags that indicate kidney failure, anemia, effects of stress, cardiovascular disease. And the choice of food plays a major role in the occurrence of eye bags.

They are distinguished by pigmentiranosta, the strength of dark color, swelling, and in some cases they appear as a result of placing the images because of loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue or as a consequence of the combination of all these reasons.

Swollen eye bags that are often lagging indicator of the water and the creation of fatty tissue around the eyes, and if dark, it comes to increased penetration of the blood vessels in the tissue.
If dark circles retain a few months and turn into hung dark bags, you should check blood counts.

Anemia is one of the more common causes of dark circles under the eyes, especially if accompanied by headaches, fatigue, poor concentration, learning problems in children, impairing memory.

Dark circles under the eyes indicate problems with kidney and retention of excess fluid in the body.
And allergic to pollen have problems with eye bags. In these patients, an honor for which frequent neurodermatitisot erase and rub his eyes, and it contributes to the development of pigmentation and irritation of the delicate skin of the eyelids.

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