Forget Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Sour Cream




Can you imagine your favorite sandwich without mayonnaise and ketchup? If your answer is no, we must not disappoint, because the products they are among the worst that may never be used.

Industrial made mayonnaise is made from soybean oil, one of the most damaging oils that can be found on the market, and industrial processed food which is too rich. Soybean oil contains many harmful trans fats, and it is believed that most soy beans, from which makes oil is genetically modified.
Also, mayonnaise may contain from fructose corn syrup, which is very toxic effect on liver.
In return you can use homemade mayonnaise containing only egg yolks, olive oil, a little lemon juice, salt and mustard and that can be good for your health.

Sour cream
The sour cream is very tasty addition to meals, but very toxic, depending on what the producers put into it.
Saturated fats and animal fats,not necessary for human existence.
Dairy products not from organic origin often contain dangerous hormones rBGH prohibited in many countries. This hormone increases the risk of breast cancer.
Before you purchase a cream read whether a mark rBHG.

Corn syrup loaded with fructose is one of the biggest problems of industrial ketchup. Most of the industrial tomato ketchup containing boiled water and substances behind title natural flavors and are hidden harmful chemicals.
Just one tablespoon of ketchup contains 4 grams of sugar, and most people use on a daily basis more than a tablespoon, which sharply increases the sugar in the body. Instead of industrial ketchup, make homemade tomato sauce.

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