5 Wrong Advice Hair care




Often we hear that hair grows quickly if often shortened, that mayonnaise can serve as a balm and not service under the chuppah white hair faster because it extended. Is that really so?

Lemon juice lightens hair

When this were true many women would save money. But if you listen to this advice you will not get anything but dry and cracked hair.

Mayonnaise is an excellent balm for hair

If you put mayonnaise on one hair is certain to attract a bunch of flies and everyone around you will be expelled by the smell. Moreover, after this “treatment” your hair long period will look fat.

After clipping the hair growing fast

Surely at least once you’ve heard that after clipping hair fast growing and healthy. This is another in a series of old wives’ tales. Hair grows on average about a centimeter a month whether to trim or not. For your hair healthy, good food is. Eat plenty of fish, lean meat, eggs, and ease off the use of the fan and press.

Swimming in the pond dyes her hair green

This is only true if you’re blonde. To avoid this problem, which is caused by chlorine, put a hair mask before taking a bath. The mask will close the cracks in the hair and prevent chemicals from entering the hair.

Cold water is not good hair

Us this is not true. In Hair Salon last rinse hair with cold water, not for you if you are asleep Awakened during washing, but because cold water closes the pores of the hair so the hair look shinier and healthier.

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