Simple Natural Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Healthy Kidney




The kidneys are the filters of the human organism.
They are responsible for eliminating excess fluids and toxins from the body, keeping the electrolytic balance, acidity and many other features that you are less known, but also very important.
Today present simple tips that you must apply to save the function of your kidneys …

Herbs should use to clean the kidneys
 Root of marshmallow

Foods that you should use to clean the kidneys

 Cranberry Juice

Vitamins and minerals that are proven need for kidney
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6

Habits that you need to have to maintain healthy kidneys
 Cancellation smoking
 Reduce the intake of alcohol
 Reduce the intake of caffeine
 Entering plenty of water throughout the day
 Maintaining a higher blood pressure is not higher than 130/90
 Maintaining blood sugar levels no higher than 6 mmol / l
 Maintain Weight


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