When Most Women Put on Weight?




Over the years, the body is constantly changing, and that members of the gentler sex is most worries weight.

The latest research explains that most women put on weight. The period in which women tend to increase weight and therefore are the most dissatisfied with their appearance in the 38th year of life.

Between 35-40 years is the most critical for weight women, mostly due to hormonal changes that occur in the body, but often due to lifestyle.

35 percent of women confirmed that after became mothers eat almost twice as much or more.

33 percent of women say they became obese after the wedding, that in the long bond.

22 percent of women see no reason for obesity in the termination of the relationship or divorce.

But the good news is that the number 40 (40) yet another milestone after which the line of satisfaction with appearance begins to grow.

This figure, according to the survey, for many women is a kind of “awakening”. Then start thinking about their years of his life and lifestyle, which often encourages positive change.

During this period, women are willing to renounce vices and bad lifestyle, including poor diet.

Unlike women, men critical threshold of obesity is between 40-45 years of age, at which time the men usually their battle to lose weight deposited on the stomach, as well as relaxed body.

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