Black Tea Prevents Diabetes and Obesity




Nations who drank the most black tea at least suffer from the metabolic syndrome who suffer from more people in the world, in these countries there are at least overweight people.

Analysis of data from 50 countries found that most nations who drink black tea have the least number of people suffering from type 2 diabetes study found that these countries have fewer obese people.

Scientists believe that the fermentation process that turns green tea black causes and creating complex flavonoids that are good for health. In Ireland most drinking black tea, two kilograms a year per capita, Britain and Turkey and now next on the list.

All three countries have a lower number of diabetics countries that are lower on the list, such as Brazil, Mexico and Morocco. The survey was conducted because the number of those suffering from type 2 diabetes in recent decades has increased six-fold.

It is estimated that by 2030 that number will jump to 285 million, according to data from 2010, 438 million people with type two diabetes.

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