Five Golden Rules for a Flat Stomach




Green tea
Many studies have shown that green tea contains antioxidants and other substances that affect the area around the stomach and helps burn away fat

Rule 10%
The rule of 10% is well known to all who are engaged in fitness. This means that 10% of the time provided for the exercises should use for doing abdominal exercises. So if you exercise two hours 12 minutes should do abdominal exercises.

Laughter is especially useful for melting fat around the abdomen. Scientists say that during laughter contract your abs and help burn fat in this critical area.

Variety in your workout
The coaches say you should practice as many different exercises and to activate all the muscles, not just the stomach. What the different and more intense workouts do easier stomach returns to its normal size and shape.

No fried foods
Simply, all the experts are unanimous, if you want a flat stomach and strong, despite what you wrote, you should avoid fried foods, because if you use it in abundance, every one of your work will simply fall into the water.

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