Stress – The Main Culprit for Weight Gain




Stress affects nearly every individual in the 21st century. The main culprit for many diseases that we face nowadays, especially disorders of homeostasis of the organism. As one of the most common is certainly obesity.
It is questionable whether there is a correlation?
What is the relationship of stress with excess weight?
Whether there is an interdependence and if there is it?

Primarily high cortisol levels decrease appetite, but they have counterproductive effects in a lengthy process. If we have long been faced with stress, our body as a way of adapting and coping with the great deal of stress, often reaching for food with larger amounts of simple sugars and fats, primarily in order to inhibit a stressful situation or emotional etc. eating.
It still has contraindications on our body because they are not utilized in full, but only accrue in the form of fat. But stress does not stop but continued with his activity. With the increase of stress grows and the amount of cortisol produced and more and more increasing. Primarily suffers the most vulnerable part, the abdomen, which is a center for the accumulation of fat (adipose) tissue.

Secondary contraindications are present cycle of sleep-wakefulness. Stress leads to less sleep. Disruption of sleep, on the other hand, releases ghrelin which is a hunger hormone.
Inducing him, he is released in the blood  circulation a feeling of hunger even when not required food intake, resulting in weight gain.
It may seem that nothing could be done about stress, but if they somehow all these side effects be reduced?
How can it be reduced?

First, identify The major causes of stress. In fact, the simple realization that you control your life, will help you to better manage stress. Coping with stress will help easier to master your emotions to own better organized during the day and improve the way you deal with problems that brings your everyday life. Try. Your body will be much grateful if you fail it.

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