Never Fall Asleep With Makeup on His Face




The removal of makeup at night before bedtime is sometimes a real torture, and sometimes and simply not extract makeup and throw in bed.

Journalist “Daily Mail” wanted to test would look like if we do not make up retrieves a month. Already the third day there was an outbreak of white cysts on the lashes, and her skin became dry.
Friends began to notice her and to say that looks tired. After 10 days she woke up with puffy eyes due to clumps of mascara.

After a month went to the dermatologist to repair the damage to his face.
Special camera revealed that the texture of the surface layer of the skin is significantly worse than the previous month because the skin there is less oxygen. Wrinkles her deepened due to dryness of the skin.

Redness of the face, which already had a problem, further worsened and spread its pores.
Experts claim that a month not extracting makeup can make older skin for 10 years.

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