How to Avoid Gaining Weight in the Winter?




Winter disrepute when it comes to weight people. The weather is cold, movement limited, the food extensive, which makes people several times more prone to obesity. No, you and you to be in the group of people who gain weight in winter. How? Try to employ several tips that today will present …

Training on snow
Recall of childhood as carefree play in the snow … You can go back a little in his youth so that your daily routine exercises will perform outside in the snow. Put warm but comfortable, put gloves and wear impermeable Cover.
Do light exercises that do not require much effort, and if you are able and run a round on the winter trail. Practicing in the cold is effective not only for weight loss but for the health of the entire body.

Green tea

Hot green tea let a perfect start to the new day, perfect pause in work and perfect drink while watching TV. Regularly drink hot green tea, except that he will warm will keep you vital and will certainly help you maintain weight.

Apple as dessert
Apple is not intended to decorate your basement but regularly consumed. No it is difficult if half an hour after a meal eat one or two apples.

Take holidays to reduce stress
Since the new year and during the January order has many holidays use them to reduce stress, and thus to reduce the risk of accumulating excess fat. Buy gifts, go shopping, go to family reunions, but be careful plan in advance the money to be spend.

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