What you Need to Know About Drugs Against Pain




Chronic pain can disrupt your life. Affect the physical and the psychical condition. It can affect your relationship with colleagues, children and partner. According to Harvard Medical School most common reason for visits to the doctor’s request painkillers. If you bother you pain, which are the best ways to prevent them. Let’s start with the basics.

Do not place yourself diagnosis

Check out what exactly is causing the pain, because drugs and therapies are designed in such a way to fight just against specific types of diseases. Therefore do not think: “There must be stretched muscle” as also pain can be caused by damaged nerve or it may be something much more serious – attack of appendicitis or a heart attack. Laura Ferris, a doctor from the University of Pittsburgh warns: “see a doctor if the pain appeared suddenly and has not been felt. Such kind of pain should certainly check. ‘ ”

Do not wait, get help

If you feel pain intensifies, seek medical help. “Do not let the pain escalated to seven on the scale of pain to 10. The sooner you start to heal, easier to keep under control,” advises anesthetist An Ma.
If you are taking painkillers without a prescription

Good research the ingredients and beware not to have exceeded the recommended dose as this can have serious consequences. Dr. Tracy D.Bol warns: “often encounter cases where people who tortured and chronic pains taken an overdose of painkillers. It happens because people combine multiple drugs or increased intake of hazardous ingredients. Some patients have a lower tolerance of certain ingredients of drugs against pain, and it depends on their age, weight and history of the disease, that is, whether you have liver problems or kidney problems.

Mixing drugs

If you think it’s a good idea to take a drug from a friend, think again. It achieved to give someone a drug that goes only on prescription and is not prescribed for him is actually breaking the law. Joseph Pinzone endocrinologist at UCLA also warns: “It is important medications you are taking do not react with one another, and especially care if the drugs you prescribe different doctors.

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