Why is it Better to Run at Night?




For years advised that it is best to run in the morning or to exercise at home immediately upon waking. However, several modern fitness experts tell it very useful running in the evening, because in the late hours burning more calories, and another beneficial factor is then easier to release stress and tension.

After a long and busy day, the night is the perfect time to exercise, while you will have many more advantages. Scientists have proven that those who run in the evening sleep much better, better spend their energy more efficiently and prepare your body for the rest.

Perhaps an additional factor that will surely motivate you to run in the evening is that in the morning you do not have to be forced to arrive to complete all morning working, even to practice and time to arrive at work.

However the greatest advantage of running in the evening is that it burns far more calories. After a full-day food intake, running very well affect your line.

Besides running, nice stretch, and do not overdo the running if you are a beginner. Also not Force without the need to run every night. Run a particular destination, and then go to relax muscles and then continue running. And certainly Run in bright clothing to be visible in the dark.

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