Menstrual migraine




Menstrual migraine is a condition that can be defined as the sum of: intense headache, sensitivity to light, easy irritation of sounds and smells, and vomiting nausea all combined with symptoms that occur during the menstrual bleeding.

In most women the appearance of menstrual migraine is the first menstrual bleeding as the main reason leading to this condition states fall in estrogen just before menstrual bleeding.
However the occurrence of migraine and its intensity affected by other factors such as lack of sleep, skipping meals, weather changes, alcohol, chocolates, full-fat dairy and meat products.
Manifestation of migraine is usually two days before the start of bleeding and the first three days after the onset of bleeding.

There is a connection between the use of contraceptive pills and intensity of menstrual migraine headache and therefore requires consultation with your gynecologist in order to find the best solution to prevent and reduce the intensity of this unpleasant condition.
As preventive measures and measures that would alleviate the intensity of migraines drinking sufficient amounts of water, eating bananas and cold compress on his head.

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