Breakfast is Important for The Brain and Intelligence in Children




The latest research done at the University of Pennsylvania, US, shows that children who have regular breakfast have a higher IQ than those who do not observe much of a breakfast.

breakfast energizes and activates the body, so you can function excellently throughout the day. While the dinner should be light and small, to not disturb the stomach and give you a nice dream.

However, this time we want to point out the importance of breakfast on the other hand, that the importance of breakfast for children. According to research that was done at the University of Pennsylvania children who regularly practiced breakfast have a higher IQ than those who frequently skipped.
Scientists researchers studied 1000 children six years of age in China, they carefully observed the two control groups, one regularly practiced breakfast while the other often skipped, they observed all the physical and psychological changes in both groups of children.

According to the scientists who conducted the research, breakfast is especially important in childhood when the child grows and develops completion. But besides the regular practice of breakfast to children creates an important healthy habit with them, if they are used by children regularly had breakfast lifetime to practice the habit and prevent many diseases throughout life – scientists say

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