Diet With Soups: For 7 Days, 4 Kilograms Less



Underlying this home diet domestic pulses are rich in nutrients. Soup diet is based on liquid meals that are easy to digest and contains all the necessary nutrients.

This diet will last a week and you can lose up to four kilos, if strictly adhered to the rules. Important is each meal consist of homemade soup in unlimited quantities.

It can be clear or cream soups, soups with meat or vegetables. During those days, avoid processed foods, good and unhealthy snacks.

Reduce your intake of carbohydrates to a minimum and soups in place of white chicken meat, feta cheese, peas, beans, because they are rich in protein.

Soups can stop them well in advance, and so you do not annoy meals, experiment with different flavors. A big bowl of soup has 300 calories and soups you can wear them at work in a thermos or freeze.

The good side of this diet is that you can eat soup in unlimited quantities.

However, before the application of any diet diet must consult your doctor.

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