Five Things you Need to Know About Apples




Rarely who it is not known the saying that an apple a day keeps health, and often called the “queen of fruits”. This rich, fresh and juicy fruit is associated with numerous health benefits, including weight loss, improved lung function, reduced risk of heart attack, the occurrence of cancer and heart disease.
However, while healthy, does not mean that these fruits are not hiding some secrets. Therefore it is useful to learn everything about the fruit, which most certainly eat.

Allergies to apples pollen allergies

When we talk about food allergies, most often think of peanuts, shellfish or eggs. But the fact is that allergies to apples and not so rare. Experts believe that it is responsible for birch pollen, which is located on the surface of the raw apples and that they cause reactions, and not what is in the apple itself.

Apples are a real food diet

Large amounts of water and fiber containing apples means that some time will feel satiety regardless of the low level of calories that contains (each apple has about 95 calories). But apples hide another big advantage: joint located in the skin and is called ursolic acid, has proven very effective in melting fat increases calorie consumption and reduces the risk of obesity.

Apples are varied

According to expert apples Rowan Jacobsen in the US ever existed more than 16 thousand different varieties of apples today in the area of America has about 2,450 species.
Jump about 30 percent of apples

With classical and usual way of eating apple, circle around the core, throw up to 30 percent of the apples.

Apples have a lot of air

Although some research suggests that apples contain even 25 percent air, the amount of air in this popular fruit still stands at 18 percent.

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