Survey: Japanese Eat Healthiest Food




Healthy and quality food is a prerequisite for a healthy body. See which countries eat healthiest food …

Survey conducted organization to combat poverty OKSFAM showed that the highest quality food can be found in the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.

Among the countries with the lowest rating are African countries.

Most diverse, and most useful food has in Europe, particularly in Holland, Switzerland and France.
In addition, immediately there is Australia, while the US is declining due to the fact that much of the population has a problem with weight or suffers from diabetes.

The results showed that diet is the most expensive in Japan, and without competition, the best quality. Japanese feed on shellfish, and fresh flour and sugar are avoided.
That this is perhaps the reason that the Japanese lived.

Good and varied food can be found in France.
France can boast of having the most number of patients with cardiovascular disease, thanks to the quality red wine.

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