Natural Remedies With Cabbage




Here are the ways you can use cabbage as a natural remedy.
If you take one or two cups of fresh cabbage juice every day between meals, you can get rid of diarrhea or inflammatory bowel disease. Three glasses of fresh cabbage juice a day is the best medicine for stomach ulcers.

Due to the high amount of minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll recommended weak blood  to eat cabbage fresh or cooked by steaming or every day to drink two cups pressed juice of cabbage.
Nail beds and pyogenic infections of the glands also dealt with cabbage leaves that soothe inflammation and treat wounds fester. Put in place three cabbage leaves, so as to cover the larger area and leave for a few hours or even overnight. The procedure can be repeated until the wound healed.

Hangover can quickly be alleviated by drinking 2 to 4 deciliters brine.
Healing properties of cabbage are very familiar when it comes to injuries and wounds. Green leaves should be washed with water and wipe with a cloth. Then you need to cut the size of the wound and placed on the sore spot. At the beginning sheets are changed every two, and then every four hours.

Cabbage contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals, and is particularly rich in vitamin “C”. One cup of grated cabbage meets the daily needs of the body of this vitamin, which is a potent antioxidant. Vitamin “C” strengthens the immune system and fight free radicals that can cause cell damage and the occurrence of various diseases. Vitamin “C” slows down and aging skin and preserves its elasticity. It is excellent for treating liver disease. Besides vitamin “C”, cabbage contains plenty of calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins “B” beta carotene and other vitamins and minerals.

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