Natural Recipe for Strengthening the Immune System




Immunity is extremely important for our body. If its function is reduced, the entire body is subjected to risk. It often happens that your doctor tell you that immunity has fallen and should pay attention to nutrition.
Yes, diet is important, but today we offer you a specific recipe for a simple and quick way to boost your immunity.

There are many supplements that are sold in pharmacies, which are composed of ingredients for strengthening the immune system. Sure, they are good, but the natural ways are always the first place.
For any condition to work, natural solutions are always the first place. Provided they are not possible or too late, then we pass on pharmaceutical solutions.
Here’s our recipe today, how to improve immunity quick and completely natural way.

 1 grapefruit
 1 orange
 1 apple
 1 carrot
 2 tablespoons of natural honey

All these ingredients put them in a blender and mix it until the mixture are incorporated. The mess that you received consume every morning. Eat porridge January teaspoon per teaspoon slowly during one hour. Be persistent, consume January porridge every morning for at least a month. Then check out the results, the success of this recipe is high.

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