3 Signs That you Drink Enough Water




Maybe you do not know, but thirst is not the only indication that your body dehydrated, and that lacks fluids. Your body sends signals that it is time for a cup of water in different ways.

These symptoms represents Physiologist Greg Justice clearly show that you dehydrates, so if you feel it, know it is time to take action on the matter.


The organism steadily lost fluids and it salts. The brain is sensitive to these changes and that is the cause of headaches. The more fluid lacks the body, headache is stronger.

“The more fluid you lose, the more decreases blood volume due to which the brain reaches less oxygen when they spread blood vessels and headache is getting worse,” says Justice.

Extremely yellow urine

When urine yellow is time to walk to the kitchen and drink a glass of water. The urine of people who drink enough water becomes transparent, and yellow indicates that urine has too much waste.

“When you have enough hydrates, toxins and other substances are easily excreted from the body, but if you do not drink enough water, they are retained in the body,” explained Greg Physiologist.


“Water helps the flow of materials through the intestines and their expulsion from your body and if the body is not getting enough fluids, you do not have a regular chair,” concluded Justice.

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