Find Out Why Skipping Meals is a Very Bad Idea




If you believe that you can adjust the line starvation – you are wrong! Note that in this way fat is deposited on the stomach and instead lose weight, you will gain weight.

So follow this advice. Almost every diet that guarantees success in weight loss and also keeps your health, usually containing five meals. On the other hand, skipping meals and starvation lead to fat accumulation in the abdomen. How? When you skip meals and starving yourself, your body is in a panic that lacks energy and begins to store those few calories that you enter. Moreover, in fasting often comes to overeating.

“When you enter a meal in a long time, your body feels short-term relief. The metabolism is still slow, because they may not know when you’ve typed enough calories. Sugar decreases your blood, so you do not have enough energy and are unfriendly.
If you bet persistent in starvation, the body starts breaking down muscle, seeking power.
Then you might reasons that are lighter, but the truth is that we lose muscle, not fat, “explains American nutritionist Maggie Moon. She thought it best to stay on schedule five meals a day. Even when you are at work and do not have anything to eat low fat, eat anything, even hamburger, just starvation.

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