Five Foods That you Should not Drink Before Sex




So far we have written many times about which foods are aphrodisiacs and will help you have a better quality of sexual intercourse. Today we present you five foods that do not support your games in bed …

Mint is not good to eat before sex because it has the power to reduce the level of testosterone in it and reduce sex drive. If you have plans for the evening, skip your favorite mint tea.

Containing saturated fatty acids and not in favor of sexual desire and better erections. French fries usually more salts which means additional damage, especially if the man has problems with pressure, and it will be harder to maintain erection.

Fruit after extensive meal
Maybe sexy fruit aphrodisiac  you sound great for after heavy meal, but believe it is not. Fruits after heavy meal will cause abundant intestinal peristalsis, stomach cramps and gas, which by no means in favor of your plans.

Energy drinks
Although energy drinks sound like something that will give you energy, they can have an effect only at the beginning, then will lead to exhaustion, and will lower testosterone levels, so do not consume energy drinks before sex.

Oatmeal is very healthy meal. It reduces stress and contains substances that are good and healthy for the body. But one does not seem … rather, it is for your sex drive. Do not eat larger quantities of oatmeal before you have sex.

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