You’ve Been Shaping Your Brows Wrong Your Whole Life. THIS Is How It’s Done!




The first thing I always want to know is WHY. Why spend the time and energy on my eyebrows? What good does it really do?

The point of perfect eyebrows:

The reason is actually quite simple: perfectly shaped eyebrows work to balance your facial features and frame your beautiful eyes. 

Now that you know, you want perfect ones, don’t you?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re not interested in monthly bills for eyebrow shaping — no matter how unframed your face may look. So, lucky for us, DIY is here to make everything better.

Here’s how to get the most on point eyebrows ever:

1. Flip your tweezers 

Using the opposite (closed) end of the tweezers, place them vertically along the edge of your nose up to your brow. The point where the tip meets your eyebrow is the natural beginning of the brow. Remember this!


2. Grab a pencil

While doing step #1, use an eyebrow pencil to trace a vertical line to mark the start of each brow. Next, check the space above your nose to see if there are strays. Remove all found strays.


3. Pull properly

When tweezing, you need to be careful! Make sure you grab strands at their root (flush against the skin) and slowly pull them out. Do not rip!


4. Mark your end point

Take the tweezers and flip them again. Now, put the open side at the base of your nostril. Slide the tweezers, laying flat on your face, passed your outer eye (see photo for help). The top of the tweezers will now mark your brow’s natural end point. Mark this spot.




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