How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Home With Simple Cleansing Rituals





Negative or harmful energy seeps into our spaces all the time. Whatever the reason for it entering, regularly removing negative energy from your space can restore balance and harmony. If you are wondering how to remove negative energy from your home, try these simple cleansing rituals to ensure there is a free flow of positive energy through your home. Each of these mini rituals can be done individually, but are most powerful if used together in this specific order to cleanse and protect. Repeat these cleansing rituals if someone is sick, a lot of people have entered your home, you moved into a new home, or you just feel negative emotions or occurrences keep arising.

Burn Sage, Frankincense and Copal

Sage cleansing is one of the oldest and fastest ways for how to remove negative energy from your home. Open your front door and the windows in the house. Starting from the back of the space, light the sage and walk around the room covering as much of it as you can. Using a feather or feather fan, waft the sage smoke into the corners of the room up to the ceiling. Make sure to go into every room as you move from the back of the house to the front. When you’ve reached the front, walk out the door and sage around the door and frame. Then, leave the sage outside to allow it to burn off. Afterwards, light frankincense resin or copal incense cones and walk through the home again. With so much negative energy in today’s world, this wards off that energy on a deeper level.

Salt the Corners of Each Room

Pour salt into the four corners of your rooms and let the salt sit for 48 hours. This will absorb the negative energy of previous owners, if you are just moving in, or the negative energy of people who are sick or fighting. After the 48 hours, either vacuum or sweep the salt and throw it away.

For extra protection, grind up saffron and mix it in with the salt. In Tibetan tradition, evil energies do not like the smell of saffron, so they won’t enter a space if saffron has been used.

Protect Your Entrances

Your entrances and windows act as entrances for energy to enter your home from the exterior. Keeping these areas purified is essential for maintaining a healthy energetic environment. Fill up a bucket of water, and add the juice of five lemons, a cup of salt and ¼ cup of ammonia or white vinegar. Clean all of your doors, doorknobs and windows in your space— don’t forget to wear gloves. This is especially powerful for when people have entered your home or when there seems to be a lot of chaos in the world outside of your home. Afterward, pour sea salt by all your entrances to your home under a doormat to prevent the energy from entering.

Grid with Protection Crystals

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from both people and things. The best way to use black tourmaline is to place a piece in each corner of a room. Doing so builds a protective shield of to prevent negative energy from entering your space. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy, so keeping it near your Internet router, television, computer, and other devices protects you from their harmful energy. Black tourmaline eases anxiety and depression, so holding it in your hands can pull the negative energy from your own body out. If there is a particular part of your home or space that feels heavy despite trying these methods of cleansing, placing a black tourmaline log in that area will absorb the negative energies into its black void. Cleanse these protection crystals once a week to ensure they stay powerful by placing them in a bowl of filtered water and putting them in the sun for at least 4 hours. You can also immerse them in the smoke of burning sage.



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