Get Rid of Stretch Marks




Stretch marks are one of the phenomena with which nearly every woman faces, often remain as scars on our skin and almost impossible to remove them … However, Mother Nature has given us plenty of gifts that, if they use it wisely, we can use it to their advantage. Introducing the home made the miraculous balm Anti-Stretch, which is all-natural ingredients that you probably already have it in your kitchen! This balm will help prevent the formation and reduce the visibility of stretch marks on your skin.

All you need to have for this salve are 2 large egg whites!

We assume that you already have in your refrigerator, so run to the making balms!


– Take the 2 large egg whites and pour them into a bowl

– Mix them gently until it foams

– Apply egg white on clean skin in places where there are stretch marks.

– Wait until the egg whites are completely dry

– wash the skin and grease with a little olive oil (which will help to hydrate the skin)

Repeat the process every day, minimum two weeks, after which you will see the first results.

Say goodbye to stretch marks!



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