Swollen Feet?-Check your Heart! Hairiness?-Check your Ovaries!




Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Even though we’re quick to jump to the conclusion and blame stress for our wrinkles and premature hair loss we should know that stress can’t be blame for every health problem we encounter.

Most diseases have their recognizable symptoms and our body always reveals what we might be suffering from, we just need to know how to read the signals it sends. Something that looks like chronic fatigue at first glance can be a result of allergies or poor nutrition. Here’s what your body is telling you if you have swollen feet, tired eyes, dry skin, excessive hairiness and yellowish eyes.

Swollen feet

Swollen feet can be the result of many conditions like muscle strains, injuries, infection and so on. Feet tend to swell during pregnancy, as a result of excessive weight and certain medications which cause water retention in the lower part of the body which is manifested through our swollen feet.

There are certain diseases which are also associated with swollen feet, like some cardiovascular conditions, which are quite common lately and result in water retention I the ankles, legs and feet.


Tired eyes

If you’ve spend a couple of sleepless nights in a row you know why your eyes look red and tired. However, if you’re sleeping just fine but your eyes still look tired then maybe you should pay more attention to your diet.

Swollen eyes occur when liquids gather under the thin skin under our eyes which can be caused by a number of things like allergies or crying. But still, the most common reason for this problem is excessive salt intake.



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