Trouble Sleeping? Here’s How I Learned To Fall Asleep In Under 1 Minute Every Night




Have you ever had trouble falling asleep? Did you ever lie in bed for several hours without being able to shut your brain off? Well here is an interesting, so called 4-7-8 breathing trick, to help you with this problem.

It is a method developed by a wellness practitioner, Harvard-educated Dr. Andrew Weil, who studies meditation, breathing, and how it can be used to counteract stress. The method is quite easy.

All you need to do is breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds, and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. He explains that it slows down your heart rate and it also releases chemicals in our brains that act soothing.

Believe us, even though it looks pretty simple. It works. You will fall asleep in less than a minute.

Other than for falling asleep, this exercise is also good to help you get rid of stress. When we’re stressed, our endocrine system releases adrenaline through our adrenal glands. This elevates your heart rate and can make you feel jittery and unwell. Often times, your breathing also becomes rapid and shallow.

Doing this breathing exercise, you counteract the natural effects of adrenaline and your body is forced to slow down your heart rate. It simply doesn’t have a choice! When you begin, you may feel a little uncomfortable.

But as you continue with it, you really do feel your heart rate slow down and your mind clear up. It’s almost like you’re spending a leisurely afternoon at a beach. So relaxing. Give it a try tonight and tell us what you think!


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