Ladies, This Is for You: Scientists Urge You to Stop Wearing Bras! Learn Why…




According to scientists, it appears that wearing a bra from a young age doesn’t actually support the chest and neither does it prevent sagging or reduce back pain. Moreover, wearing a bra doesn’t contribute to tone breast tissue. Namely, according to Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports science researcher, a 15-year study on the effects of bras, conducted with 330 women aged 18 to 35, showed that breasts have no medical, physiological, or anatomical benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, as Rouillon exemplifies, breasts become saggier when you wear a bra.

The study showed that the women who didn’t wear a bra had perkier breasts. Bras, as he explained, impede the proper blood circulation and decrease the tone of the breasts with time. He’s not the only expert against bras. Namely, Dr. S. Broumand stated that when younger women don’t wear bras, they have an increased production of collagen and improved elasticity, which results in more lifted and more toned breasts.

However, as there are always two sides of a story, there are people who don’t agree with such claims. Namely, D. Orr from the Guardian explained that women don’t wear bra for medical, physiological, or anatomical reasons, but for psychological, aesthetic, and practical reasons. That is, bras prevent the wobbling of breasts, because otherwise, women’s breasts would be in their hands whenever they try to catch a lift.

According to Rouillon’s research, the nipples of women who took part in the research rose by an average of 7 mm when they stopped wearing bras. To this, Orr adds that what Rouillon failed to understand is that one of the best things about bras is not thinking about where your nipples might be.

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