Over 50% Of Sexually Active People Are Infected With It, And Do Not Even Realize. And Is A Major Cause Of Cancer




Wormwood (three pieces);
Licorice root (three pieces)
Motherwort (two pieces);
Dandelion root (two pieces);
Echinacea (two pieces)
Mint and rose (two pieces);
Raspberry leaves and birch leaves (six pieces).

All herbs are mixed. One teaspoon is poured with one cup of boiling water. Allow to stand for 5-15 minutes and strain. Drinking one cup every day. Despite the reservations of some people, tea has a great taste, and along with it you will get a real health benefits.

Do not underestimate the body’s natural defenses. Taking herbs preferably in front of various powders and pills. Not that the pills do not work, even on the contrary! But before we begin to heal, it is much easier to protect ourselves. And there is no better protection than natural resources!


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