Breast Cancer in Japan 66% Lower Than the U.S. – This is the One Nutrient Missing From Our Diet

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In order to prevent breast cancer it is advised too have a diet consisted of healthy, organic food.

Iodine is the most important nutrient the body needs. Iodine is linked to thyroid health, however, in women they store iodine in their breasts than the thyroid. 

Iodine is essential in keeping babies healthy in the womb, and is responsible for brain development. Iodine in the breasts helps to give babies the right amount of iodine, and when there is a deficiency in iodine, babies suffer and women will have a higher risk for breast cancer.


Low Iodine and Breast Cancer
When women’s bodies are low in iodine, their ovaries begin overproducing estrogen. The higher the level of estrogen, the higher the risk for reproductive cancers, and breast cancer. Low levels of iodine raises the sensitivity to estrogen in the breasts, allowing them to be more vulnerable to breast cancer, as intake of estrogen rises.

Leading in the research of iodine, Dr. Bernard Eskin, found that breast tissue thats deficient in iodine was increasingly likely to have pre-cancerous alterations, of which iodine would turn around. Laboratory studies have found that iodine is linked to the suppression of tumor growth, and death of cancer cells leaving healthy cells unscathed.


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