This video teach us Few Lessons about Waiting on What you asked for LOVE – Very Inspiring

We don’t care where you asked a wish from, whether from a falling star, from a wish bone or from a wishing well. But it doesn’t matter if you believe that wishes did not or will come true.

This video will teach you lessons that you might need of you are that someone who are waiting for the right person to Love you.

This is a story of a two individual who throw a coin in a wishing well but unfortunately their coins got jammed and that results to their wishes might not be granted. The “wishgranter” that works underground just below the fountain needs to do something to make their wishes come true and he needs to act fast because the two indviduals are getting impatient and started to walk away from the fountain.

Watch the full video below on how the “wishgranter” did to make their wishes come true.