5 Most Dangerous Hair Care Mistakes you Make Everyday

Everyone wants to look good and your hair is one feature that draws quite a bit of attention. In a bid to give our hair the best, we sometimes do precisely the opposite- ruin it. And yes, even the best of can make a mistake. Here are some common mistakes that you could make while trying to take care of your hair.

Mistake 1. Choosing the wrong shampoo

Your choice of shampoo is crucial for hair care. To avoid harmful consequences, make sure that your shampoo suits your hair type.

Mistake 2. Applying shampoo incorrectly

Comb your hair thoroughly before washing. The quantity of shampoo to be used depends on the length of your hair. Be careful not to use too much. Use a trial method to determine your norm.
Put shampoo onto your palms, and rub them together to whip up the foam. Then apply the shampoo to the roots of your hair. Use massaging movements, making sure to only touch the skin with your soft fingertips (and not with your nails, to avoid causing scratches). Keep massaging your head throughout the wash — this is beneficial for your hair roots.

Mistake 3. The wrong water temperature

Many people use excessively hot water when washing their hair. This is a serious mistake. Hot water strips your hair of color and activates the oil-producing glands. Ideally, you should be using warm or tepid water — this will help dilute the oil glands’ secretions, remove dirt, and improve blood circulation.
It’s best to conclude the procedure by treating your hair to a cool or cold shower — such a finish will stimulate circulation at the hair roots and make your hair look smooth and shiny.

Mistake 4. Drying your hair with a towel

After having washed your hair, blot it gently from roots to ends with a towel. Don’t tie the towel around your head — this could damage hair follicles. If you need to dry your hair in a hurry, use a cotton T-shirt instead of a towel!

Mistake 5. Frequent use of styling products

Hairdryers, styling irons, and other similar appliances cause your hair to lose fluid, making it dry and brittle. If you can’t do without frequent styling, don’t forget to apply a thermal protective spray along the whole length of the hair first.