5 Prominent signs that your Partner is Cheating on you

If you have to sneak to do it — lie to cover it up or delete it to keep it from being seen; then you should probably be single… Or something. But honestly, there ain’t any way you can hide cheating.

According to “infidelity statistics” (yeah, that’s a real thing), 58% of men admit to being unfaithful in a relationship they’ve had. Also, 54% of women. Then there are those who dare not to admit it, even to themselves. The point is, that’s a pretty big figure, right?

Today, with so many apps and sites to meet new people, cheating has become very common. But luckily, it has not been reached to the levels of high infidelity and crimes. One thing you can do though is know how to recognize one in the act. There are a few things to look out for. Read along if you dare to find out what your partner is doing.

1. Lack of affection and sex

If you have started to notice that in last few months your partner is not much affectionate about you – Be Alarmed !! It’s common behavior to avoid one and focus on the other while someone cheats. Not wanting to have sex anymore—or a lot less than usual—can mean many things. It includes that he or she might be cheating. Now, this could also be because he is focused on other social constructs. He can be a victim of an upsetting job situation, financial stress, or a family health issue. But whatever the reason, you must bring it up soon, with warmth and tact.

2. The special friend (Cheating Partner)

“Most cheaters these days are caught via text or on social media,” says dating and relationship expert Rachel Russo. “When women snoop on a man or accidentally find something, it’s often what they suspected. There could be incriminating photos, texts, or a call history that would prove to be evidence of an affair.”

3. Their ego went from 0-100 real quick

Ego is great to an extent, especially when you know you’re behind making your other half feel good about themselves. However, if it remains at one level for a long time then flies through the roof out of nowhere — it’s definitely something to keep a side eye on.

4. They get super defensive over simple questions

Just asking a simple question ‘Where are you?” can trigger outrage on a cheating person’s mind. If you suspect that your partner had been avoiding talks and giving over-explanative answers – It’s a sign.

5. They are staying out a lot

Are you used to your husband or wife arriving home by 6 p.m. to share a much-needed end-of-day tea or help with dinner, baths, and bedtime? “When someone stops coming home at the regular time, on a regular basis, be wary,” says dating and relationship advice and etiquette expert April Masini. “When a schedule changes and there’s no comment about why or what he or she is doing differently, it may be because your spouse is cheating on you.” Some people will offer an excuse for their change in routine—like going to the gym late because it’s less crowded (and because you’re less likely to question the “post-workout shower”).